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What Do Gourami Fish Eat?

What Do Gourami Fish Eat
What do Gouramis Eat? Most gouramis are omnivorous and will thrive on Aqueon Tropical Flakes, Color Flakes, Tropical Granules and Shrimp Pellets. Kissing gouramis are more herbivorous and should be fed Aqueon Spirulina Flakes and Algae Rounds. Frozen and live foods can also be fed as treats or to help induce spawning.

Do gouramis consume algae?

Do Gourami Consume Algae? – It is usual for gourami fish to consume algae. Since most gouramis are omnivores, they will consume algae when they encounter it in the wild. Herbivorous gouramis consume largely algae and other plant matter. It is common practice to feed gourami fish a variety of algal preparations.

What do Rainbow gouramis consume for food?

Types of Gourami Fish – Listed below are some of the most common Gouramis:

  1. Pearl Gourami – This kind of gourami is the most resilient and also the most beautiful. Pearl Gourami perform exceptionally well in a tank with a dark substrate and dim lighting.
  2. Banded Gourami — Also known as rainbow gouramis, banded gouramis are robust fish that love to consume plant stuff.
  3. Kissing Gourami – Males of this species close their mouths during dueling. Thus the name “kissing gourami”
  4. Moonlight Gourami – These fishes are likely the most reticent members of the Gourami family. In addition, they have a particular body form that distinguishes them from other Gouramis.
  5. Dwarf Gourami – As their name implies, they are little fish that come in a variety of hues and are friendly.
  6. Blue Gourami – This is one of the most popular species of Gourami due to its ability to change color according on its mood. During reproduction, they darken their skin.
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Opaline Gourami, Honey Gourami, Red Gourami, Sunset Gourami, Snakeskin Gourami, Thick-lipped Gourami, Leeri Gourami, and Banded Gourami are further species of Gourami.