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When Is Paris Tn Fish Fry?

When Is Paris Tn Fish Fry
The Largest Fish Fry in the World | Paris, Tennessee The World’s Largest Fish Fry is an important event for Paris – Henry County and West Tennessee. The last full week of April annually attracts both local and national visitors. Visitors from throughout the nation attend the celebrations.

  1. The whole celebration centered around the “Fish Tent,” where, according to the most recent report, over 12,500 pounds of catfish are served with condiments.
  2. In addition to unlimited catfish, the festival has parades, carnivals, rodeos, catfish races, dances, and arts & crafts, to mention a few.
  3. The festivities begin in early February with beauty pageants before the week-long festival.

The “Fish Fry” as it is known locally evolved from “Mule Day,” which began in 1938 and was sponsored by the Paris Post Intelligencer. Farmers gathered in town on the first Monday of April to exchange mules and other farm goods, shop, and socialize with their neighbors.

The Chamber of Commerce took over “Mule Day” in the early 1950s, replete with a procession and beauty queens. When tractors began to replace mules, the Chamber of Commerce considered replacing “Mule Day” with another celebration. The Chamber of Commerce staged the inaugural “Fish Fry” in 1953. The event was less successful than anticipated.

The fish were not from Kentucky Lake and just did not satisfy the tastes of the audience. The procession was brief, and the festivities lasted one day and night on the high school football field.

  • In 1961, the Paris-Henry County Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce) took over the Chamber of Commerce’s “Fish Fry”
  • Thanks to the Paris-Henry County Jaycees, the festival has expanded from 1,600 pounds of cooked catfish in 1961 to over five tons of catfish and a two-hour grand procession.
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In the early 1980s, the festival relocated from the court square to what was formerly known as the hitch lot only blocks from the court square, then to a parking lot downtown, and subsequently to a facility on the Henry County Fairgrounds. Historically, fish was cooked outside and served on picnic tables beneath large tents, earning the name “Fish Tent.” It is currently known as the Robert E.

  1. The Jaycees and the community encourage everyone to visit Paris and Henry County for a week of fun and southern hospitality during the final full week of April.
  2. Please visit for a comprehensive list of events and activities.

: Largest Fish Fry in the World | Paris, Tennessee

When does the fish fry in Paris, Tennessee begin?

The show begins at 7:30!

How lengthy is a Fish Fry?

Fry the Fish in a Pan – Place half of the fish fillets in a single layer in heated oil in a pan. The oil should be sizzling hot before adding the fish to the pan. Fry the fish until the bottom is golden brown. To answer the question, “How long does it take to fry fish? “: It takes around three to four minutes each side to pan-fry an average fillet.

Using tongs or a big metal spatula such as this OXO Fish Turner ($14, Target) and a fork, turn the fish once the first side is golden brown. Be careful not to spatter the fat. The fat should still be sizzling when the fish is turned over. Blaine Moats Cook the second side of the salmon until it is golden brown and begins to flake when checked with a fork (3 to 4 minutes more).

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On a plate, stack two or three paper towels to absorb the extra oil. Transfer each cooked piece of fish to the paper towels with care using a spatula. Turn the fish over to dry both sides. Warm the cooked fish in the oven on a baking sheet while cooking the remaining fish.

Can New Orleans Fish Fry be used on chicken?

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