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Zen Koi How To Eat Puffer Fish?

Zen Koi How To Eat Puffer Fish
Know how to hunt each of your prey to maximize the growth of your koi. Each prey you encounter in Zen Koi are required to grow your pond at some time. Some prey is more difficult to capture than others, the puffer fish being the most notorious example.

  1. Nowing the movements and strengths of each prey makes them easier to capture, which makes it simpler to transform your koi into dragons.
  2. The key to farming Dragon Points is efficiency.
  3. There is nothing extraordinary about capturing these little green fish.
  4. They do not attempt to run and have no gimmicks.

These small-tailed blue fish resemble tadpoles and are more difficult to capture at low speeds. They are the quickest when pursued in a straight line. To prevent a lengthy pursuit, approach them from the side when your speed is lower than six. Amoeba are among the simplest prey to capture, but if they cling to you, they might be the most burdensome.

  1. These will attach themselves to any adjacent fish they can capture, essentially reducing their speed.
  2. That includes you as well.
  3. You can wait till they fall off or attempt to remove them by swimming through some vegetation.
  4. Jellyfish are another simple prey to capture with your teeth.
  5. They occasionally exhibit brief bursts of speed, although their maximum speed is seldom particularly high.

These are required in large quantities for pond extensions, but fortunately they are easy to find. Water bugs are also easy to capture, however their quick twists might be difficult to handle if your agility is poor. These and amoeba are more often than most other prey to inhabit plant life.

  • These bright, almost leaf-shaped fish are among the swiftest prey you will encounter, and they have a secret weapon: they cannot be captured in vegetation.
  • They will flee after they have been targeted and you are close enough, as their speed is rather high.
  • Target once near and do not pursue them into vegetation.
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The puffer fish is the only prey with a true defensive mechanism: it inflates when it senses an approaching predator. The only method to circumvent this is to approach the puffer fish straight from the rear; front and side approaches cause it to puff up.

  • Holding your finger on the screen and painstakingly moving your koi to the rear of the puffer fish is preferable than simply touching on it and praying for the best.
  • These fish with wings appear later in your expansions and are one of the few difficult prey to capture.
  • They can pivot fast and get a brief burst of speed, making them difficult to catch if you lack agility.

Simply approach them from the side or after they’ve turned, and you’ll have a simple capture. These armored fish are actually the most difficult to consume. Not because they are fast or can spin quickly, but because they require numerous bites prior to consumption.

Some have stronger protection and can withstand more bites than others. It is simplest to consume them by manually turning your fish after each mouthful so that you can swiftly take another bite. These two-sided prey are the final ones the game throws at you, and they also provide the most experience.

They are also quite simple to capture. These are useful for leveling up before ascending.

How do you get prey zen koi?

Animals of Prey –

Portrait “Name” Pond Level Advice to catch
Green Fish 1 Just tap on them.
Blue Fish 1 High speed attribute. You need to have five or better in speed to catch up to them. Tap on the ones coming at you, rather than chase them.
Amoeba 2 If they chase or stick to you, come to a stop and they will float away.
Jellies 2 Just tap on them. Can be hard to find in the pond.
Diving Beetles 3 Loves to collect in the green bush. Dive through them to get one or two easy.
Puffer Fish 4 Must be approached directly from behind.
Leafy Fish 5 Will “disappear” if they make it to a green bush. Catch in open water – they are quick.
Flying Fish 6 Can be fast, but swims in big loops. Speed attribute or patience.
Rock Fish 7 While not difficult, each fish must be hit three times before they can be eaten.
Double-Tailed Fish 8 Just tap on them. BIG experience.
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Zen Koi Pro adds single-player offline gameplay, eggs that hatch rapidly, new koi patterns to uncover, and, most importantly, rare koi and dragons that are EXTREMELY SHIMMERY! Zen Koi Pro is a soothing premium game with captivating soundtrack and serene gameplay.

  1. Following the Asian legend of the Koi’s transformation into a dragon, Zen Koi Pro includes more than fifty collectible koi motifs.
  2. Offline game We’ve included offline play to this Pro edition, so you may play the game without an internet connection once you’ve downloaded it.
  3. Safe To protect your data, we’ve now implemented Automatic Cloud Save if an internet connection is available.

Frictionless enjoyment! There are no longer any restrictions on egg slots, as eggs hatch instantaneously! We have unlocked 50 Koi spots to help you develop your collections. No disruptions There are no advertising, IAP, or connection difficulties. Metallic, sparkling koi! The initial thing you will see We’ve introduced a new visual style to the Koi, making the rare koi and dragons very SHIMMERY! Aug 25, 2022 Version 1.1.0 Improvements and bug fixes.

Is Zen Koi 2 free?

Transform your Koi into an interactive Dragon Zen Koi 2 is a sequel to the hypnotic collecting game Zen Koi that follows the Asian legend of Koi becoming Dragons. Zen Koi 2 is a free-to-play mobile game developed by LandShark Games that delivers an expanded experience with new elements added to the well-liked core gameplay of languid action and smart accumulation.

Acquisition. A Koi egg is awarded by the Sun Palace’s Caretaker following completion of the tale parts.

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How do you catch koi in Mini Ninjas?

In – A Tengu wishes to visit his uncle, but the Giant Koi prevents him from crossing the lake with his persistent harassment. After visiting his uncle at the Temple, the Tengu provides him with a robust fishing pole. Hiro must attempt to capture the koi in the same manner as lesser fish.