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2 Cup Rice How Much Water?

2 Cup Rice How Much Water
The perfect ratio is two parts water to one part rice. Therefore, if you’re cooking two cups of rice, you’ll need four cups of water.

How much water is required to prepare jasmine rice?

How to use the ratio of rice to water calculator – To determine how much water and how long you need to cook your rice:

  1. Choose a type of rice from the list provided.
  2. The calculator will inform you of the standard rice-to-water ratio based on the type of rice you’ve selected.
  3. Enter the rice quantity.
  4. The amount of water to be added will be calculated according to the standard ratio. For example, 3 cups of jasmine rice would require 5.25 cups of water according to the rice-to-water ratio.
  5. The cooking time will also be displayed automatically based on the type of rice selected. It assumes you are cooking the rice on a stove (so not a rice cooker or any other cooking apparatus). Remember to always double-check the rice’s packaging, as cooking times are typically listed there. Lastly, cooking times for larger quantities of rice may vary by a few minutes.