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How Many Calories In A Homemade Rice Crispy Treat?

How Many Calories In A Homemade Rice Crispy Treat

Are homemade rice crispy treats superior to those purchased in stores?

I’ve always believed that homemade items are superior. They contain only three ingredients: Rice Krispies, butter, and marshmallows, whereas store-bought rice krispie treats contain ingredients not found in either Rice Krispies or marshmallows.

– Store at room temperature for no longer than two days in an airtight container. – To freeze, separate layers with wax paper and place in an airtight container. Freeze for six weeks or longer.

Rice Crispy Treats: are they unhealthy?

These corn syrup-, nut-, and dairy-free snacks are completely undetectable to children and adults. They will simply recognize that the gooey marshmallow cereal treats are delicious. In this post, I will also share tips for making Rice Krispie Treats that are Keto, vegan, and gluten-free.

Rice Krispie treats are a relatively healthy option for desserts. One 2-by-3-inch Rice Krispie Treat made with our BEST recipe contains only 115 calories and is loaded with crisp rice cereal. That’s not terrible. You can make a healthier Rice Krispie treat by substituting honey and nut butter for the butter and marshmallows.

However, one 2-inch square of our Honey Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats contains 140 calories. Those treats are also inaccessible to individuals with nut allergies. Therefore, I sought to make our traditional recipe healthier by incorporating healthier ingredients.

  1. These non-GMO confections are made with organic brown rice crisp cereal, coconut oil, and corn syrup- and artificial-color-free marshmallows.
  2. To make these healthier Rice Crispy treats, you will need the following ingredients: Organic Brown Rice Crispy Cereal or Sprouted Brown Rice Cereal – I utilized 365 by Whole Foods Organic Brown Rice Crisps, which are composed of organic brown rice, organic cane sugar, and salt.
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You may substitute sprouted brown rice cereal made with coconut sugar if you prefer. Coconut Oil or Plant-Based Butter – Use refined coconut oil if you don’t want any coconut flavor in your treats. Use unrefined coconut oil if you enjoy a little coconut flavor.

  1. I love the flavor that the unrefined coconut oil imparts to these treats.
  2. Vegan butter will also work well in this recipe.
  3. Marshmallows – Select marshmallows devoid of artificial coloring and flavoring.
  4. In addition to keto, gluten-free, and vegan marshmallows, you can also use keto marshmallows.
  5. Jet-Puffed marshmallows, our favorite brand, contain corn syrup, food coloring (blue 1), and artificial flavoring.

I chose to use Smashmallows to make a healthier treat, but you can also use Dandies Marshmallows or Max Mallows. How Many Calories In A Homemade Rice Crispy Treat How Many Calories In A Homemade Rice Crispy Treat How Many Calories In A Homemade Rice Crispy Treat

How many Rice Krispy treats should I consume prior to exercising?

What You Should Know Before Attempting It – If you plan to consume a Rice Krispies Treat before your next workout, Collingwood advises you to be aware that it is not the only fuel your body requires. Each 22 g package of Rice Krispies Treats contains 90 calories, 2 grams of fat, and 17 grams of carbohydrates (including 8 g added sugars).

According to Collingwood, the majority of these carbohydrates are high-glycemic, which means they produce a rapid energy spike. Aside from a small amount of iron and B vitamins (from the fortified cereal used to make them), they have little nutritional value. LINKED: Which Sugars Are Healthy for You and Which to Avoid Collingwood states that you will still need to maintain a healthy diet throughout the remainder of the day.

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This means that Rice Krispies Treats should not replace meals or snacks that provide your body with the nutrients and calories it needs throughout the day. Following his record-setting squat, @Ko0maaa revealed in a follow-up video to his viral TikTok that he consumed more than just a sweet cereal square before his workout: An hour and a half before the treat, he consumed chicken, rice, and oatmeal, followed by his usual preworkout formula beverage.

In addition, because the cereal snack contains added sugars, you should monitor the amount of added sugars you consume throughout the day. Collingwood explains that if you consume a Rice Krispies Treat (with 2 teaspoons of added sugars) before a workout, you should consume no more than 10 more throughout the day in order to stay within the recommended 10 percent or less added sugar (which is 12 teaspoons for a 2,000-calorie diet).

And while they will provide you with a quick boost of energy, it will be short-lived. The cereal snack could be a good pre-workout energy booster for short, moderate- to high-intensity workouts (45 to 60 minutes) and a good mid-workout snack for longer workouts to help you finish, according to Collingwood.

Rice Krispies are manufactured by the Kellogg Company. The “Snap, Crackle and Pop” slogan was first used in 1939, when the cereal was advertised as remaining “crackly crisp in milk or cream.not mushy!” and floating (without sinking to the bottom of the bowl) for up to two hours in milk.

Ellogg’s patented method of “oven-popping” was used to produce these cereals, which were neither shredded nor flaked. The original patent called for using partially dried grain, which could be whole or broken, with 15–30% moisture, which could then be shaped using existing cereal production techniques such as rolling, flaking, and shredding, among others.

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After being formed into the desired shape, the grain is dried to a moisture content of 5–14%, at which point it expands when exposed to a high temperature, producing a light, low-density product that is easy to chew.