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How Many Calories Is Chicken And Rice?

How Many Calories Is Chicken And Rice
A dish of homemade chicken and rice contains around 448 calories. One serving consists of one cup of rice and either one skinless 3-ounce chicken breast or one skinless 3-ounce chicken leg. The chicken and rice dish has 7 grams of total fat, 2 grams of saturated fat, and 49 milligrams of cholesterol.

How many calories does chicken curry with rice contain?

Tip – The number of calories in chicken curry depends on the ingredients used to prepare it and the serving size. Between 300 and 400 calories are contained in a 1-cup serving of an average chicken curry dish with 1 cup of white rice that has been boiled.

In conclusion, white rice appears neither beneficial nor detrimental to weight loss. However, it has been demonstrated more consistently that diets rich in whole grains, such as brown rice, promote weight loss and help maintain a healthy body weight.

How many calories per day should I consume?

The optimal daily caloric intake varies based on age, metabolism, and physical activity levels, among other factors. In general, the recommended daily calorie intake for women is 2,000 and for males it is 2,500.