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How Much Does Rice Expand When Cooked?

How Much Does Rice Expand When Cooked
A Guide To Rice Cooking – If you’ve read our Rice Glossary, you’ve encountered thirty varieties of rice. However, they do not all cook at the same time. Utilize the below chart as a guide. Rice expands by three to four times its uncooked volume (brown rice and converted rice produce higher yields).

Uncooked Rice 1 cup or 240 ml Liquid Cooking Time (minutes)* Cooked Rice
Basmati Rice 1¾ c 420 ml 15 3 c 720 ml
Brown Rice 2-2½ c 480-600 ml 45-50 3-4 c 720-960 ml
Converted/Parboiled Rice 2-2½ c 480-600 ml 20-25 3-4 c 720-960 ml
Jasmine Rice 2 c 480 ml 15 3 c 720 ml
Sticky Rice 2 c 480 ml 15 3 c 720 ml
White Medium-Grain or Short-Grain Rice 1½ c 360 ml 15 3 c 720 ml
White Long-Grain Rice 1¾-2 c 420-480 ml 15 3 c 720 ml
Other Rice (including minute rice, wild rice and rice mixes) Follow Package Directions

If the rice is not tender enough or the liquid is not fully absorbed, replace the lid and cook for an additional 2 to 4 minutes.

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How much does rice increase when cooked?

How much uncooked rice is equivalent to how much cooked rice? Just remember that brown rice is multiplied by two, while white rice is multiplied by three. After cooking, brown rice nearly doubles in both volume and weight.1 cup of brown rice yields 2 cups; 1 kilogram of brown rice yields 2 kilograms.

How Many Cups Of Rice For Two People? – The answer depends on how much rice each individual wishes to consume. If you are preparing food for two people, you will require one cup of rice. This will yield three cups of cooked rice, sufficient for two to three adults or two adults and two young children.

Consider that an adult consumes approximately 1/3 cup of uncooked rice per meal, while a child consumes approximately 1/4 cup. However, if you want to be more precise, the 1-2-3 method is the best way to determine how much rice you need (1 cup of rice yields 3 cups of cooked rice). This simple formula will enable you to calculate the ideal rice-to-water ratio in order to obtain the desired amount of cooked rice.

To use the 1-2-3 method, multiply the quantity of cups of rice to be cooked by 2. This will tell you how many cups of water you should add. For instance, two cups of rice require four cups of water. Then, once the rice is cooked, it will yield three times as much as it did before.2 cups of uncooked rice yields 6 cups of cooked rice.

How much rice can be made with 1.5 cups?

How Much Dry Rice Per Individual? – How much dry rice is required for one serving? The recipe card below describes how to prepare a single serving of rice, ideal for a single individual. How much dry rice is required for four people? For three to four people, 1.5 cups of raw rice should be cooked.

  1. This amount should be measured using a measuring cup.
  2. Next, water will be added.
  3. According to the above calculations, 1.5 cups of rice will require 3 cups of water to cook.
  4. This yields approximately 4.5 cups of rice.
  5. How much dry rice for six individuals? If you need six cups of rice to feed six people, you must begin with two cups of uncooked rice.

Using the aforementioned 1-2-3 rice method, 2 cups of rice plus 4 cups of water will yield 6 cups of rice. Continue reading for information on how much rice to prepare for more than six people, including a crowd. I explain how to calculate the quantity of rice required for up to 100 people.