How Much Does Rice Expand?

How Much Does Rice Expand
A Guide To Cooking Rice – If you’ve read our Rice Glossary, you’ve encountered thirty varieties of rice. However, they do not all cook at the same time. Utilize the accompanying chart as a guide. Rice expands by three to four times its uncooked volume (brown rice and converted rice give larger yields).

Uncooked Rice 1 cup or 240 ml Liquid Cooking Time (minutes)* Cooked Rice
Basmati Rice 1¾ c 420 ml 15 3 c 720 ml
Brown Rice 2-2½ c 480-600 ml 45-50 3-4 c 720-960 ml
Converted/Parboiled Rice 2-2½ c 480-600 ml 20-25 3-4 c 720-960 ml
Jasmine Rice 2 c 480 ml 15 3 c 720 ml
Sticky Rice 2 c 480 ml 15 3 c 720 ml
White Medium-Grain or Short-Grain Rice 1½ c 360 ml 15 3 c 720 ml
White Long-Grain Rice 1¾-2 c 420-480 ml 15 3 c 720 ml
Other Rice (including minute rice, wild rice and rice mixes) Follow Package Directions

*If the rice is not adequately soft or the liquid is not entirely absorbed, replace the lid and simmer 2 to 4 minutes longer.

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How much does 1 cup of rice expand to after it is cooked?

How much rice per person should I cook? – Each person, measure a quarter cup of uncooked rice, or a half cup per person for more generous portions. One cup of uncooked rice yields around three cups of cooked rice.

How much does cooked brown rice expand?

What is the proportion of raw to cooked rice? How many cups of cooked brown rice does one cup of dry brown rice yield? – Most individuals assert that 1 cup of uncooked rice produces 3 cups of cooked rice. This may be true for white rice, but brown rice yields a significantly smaller volume.