What Is Champa Rice?

What Is Champa Rice
Champa rice is a quick-maturing, drought resistant rice that can allow two harvests, of sixty days each in one growing season. Champa rice from the aus subpopulation, which shares similarities with japonica and indica rice varieties of Eastern India, Myanmar, and Bangladesh.

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Freebase (4.00 / 1 vote) Comment on this definition: – Champa rice Champa rice is a fast-maturing, drought-resistant variety that permits two sixty-day harvests in a single growing season. Initially imported into Champa from Vietnam, it was eventually conveyed to China by the Champa empire as a tribute gift during the reign of Song Emperor Zhenzong.

The water buffalo’s harrow and hitch were very identical to those employed in Song Dynasty China during the later Han Dynasty (200 bc to 220 ad) (see Bray 1984 ). Champa rice is a kind of aus rice (Sweeney et al.2007 ; cf. map on e133). Ho (1956) states that there was substantial debate in the literature on whether Champa rice originated in the highlands or the lowlands.

  1. He asserts that the situation is so complicated that “any clear-cut solution appears inconceivable.” Upland rice is susceptible to a number of detrimental elements that may not exist in paddy field settings.
  2. These include abiotic challenges including drought, floods, unfavorable soils, and extreme temperatures (IRRI 1975 ).

A number of upland cultivars have adapted to these unfavorable environments. I asked Susan McCouch, a geneticist and rice breeder at Cornell, if she had heard about Champa rice few months ago. She stated that she would search her gene bank. A few days later, she reported that she had discovered a Champa variety, conducted a DNA test, and determined that it was an aus.

Aus is one of Oryza sativa’s five subpopulations; the others are indica, temperate japonica, tropical japonica, and aromatic (Kovach et al.2007 ). While aus variants are similar to indica, they have fundamental differences, such as drought tolerance and non-photoperiod sensitivity. The foregoing findings provide answers to two crucial issues.

First, modern genetics solved the question that Ho could not answer fifty years ago. Therefore, Champa rice is an upland kind. Second, the aus sub-population originated in what are now the highlands of Eastern India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar (Sweeney et al.2007 ).

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How long does the cultivation of Champa rice take?

The newer Champa rice could be cultivated in two months, allowing farmers in southern China to double their harvest. Champa rice is a fast-maturing, drought-resistant variety that permits two sixty-day harvests in a single growing season.