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What Secret Does Kunthi Use To Blackmail Nathan In Order To Obtain Rice?

How did Kunthi blackmail nathan into giving her rice? She threatened to tell others of her relationship with nathan. What was Nathan’s secret concerning him and Kunthi? He was the father of two of her children.

In The Kite Runner, what does Rukmani tell Nathan about Kunthi?

Nathan acknowledges to Rukmani that he is Kunthi’s father. She has been blackmailing him into giving her rice by threatening to reveal his infidelity to Rukmani if she does not receive the rice. Rukmani informs Nathan that Kunthi has coerced her into providing food for her as well.

  • Unthi has threatened to tell Nathan that Rukmani has been having an affair with Kenny, and despite the fact that this is untrue, Rukmani is concerned that Nathan may believe the malicious woman.
  • Nathan confesses after Rukmani discovers that their carefully measured rice supply is nearly depleted.
  • Under duress, she has just given Kunthi seven days’ worth of rice, but upon examining the remainder of her stockpile, she discovers that almost nothing remains.

Rukmani suspects that one of her children stole the rice, so she accuses them. Nathan then arrives and confesses that he is the one who stole the rice. Nathan informs Rukmani that he slept with Kunthi “many years ago, when he was a young man and she was a skilled woman.” Prior to his marriage to Rukmani, he met her for the first time.

Rukmani is devastated to learn that Nathan visited Kunthi “not once, but twice, to give her a second son.and how many times in between” However, she is able to forgive her husband’s infidelity because she is aware of the type of woman Kunthi is. When Nathan reveals his secret, Rukmani will be able to be forthright about her own situation.

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A “new peace (comes) to (them) then, liberated at last from the need for lies, concealment, and deceit, with the fear of betrayal lifted.the power (they) had given Kunthi taken away” (Chapter 14).

How did Kunthi’s husband become bankrupt?

The success of the tannery resulted in the opening of cobbler shops, which put her husband out of business. How did Kunthi blackmail Rukmani? She threatened to reveal Nathan and Rukmani’s relationship with Kenneth. How did Kunthi coerce Nathan into supplying her with rice?