What To Throw At A Wedding Instead Of Rice?

What To Throw At A Wedding Instead Of Rice
Alternatives to Confetti and Rice Throwing at Weddings You undoubtedly already know that flinging rice at weddings is not an environmentally beneficial practice. Contrary to common opinion, rice truly poses no threat to birds; this is an urban legend.

  1. However, some sites continue to prohibit the tossing of rice for various reasons, including the fact that it is difficult to clean up.
  2. Try these alternatives if you’d prefer not use rice or confetti at your wedding.
  3. Specific Venue Suggestions First, it’s a good idea to contact your wedding site in advance to see what options the owners may provide for the couple’s getaway run.

Before deciding on a solution, discuss your ideas with your venue’s on-site event professional, since some locations have stringent restrictions on what products may be utilized on their property. Water-Soluble Glitter As the newlyweds dash to their getaway vehicle, glitter creates a wonderful, enchanted environment.

However, you must verify that the glitter you use is safe, biodegradable, and water-soluble. So, venue employees will have an easier time with cleaning. Bells Why not offer your visitors something to shake or ring instead of anything to hurl at you and your partner? Tiny normal bells, bicycle bells, or jingle bells do not create a mess and give beautiful tinkling music as you go to your car to begin your new lives together.

Paper Airplanes Will your wedding be relaxed and entertaining? Why not supply paper and urge your visitors to create their own paper airplanes? They may fly the aircraft above you as you race to your vehicle. This concept is especially useful for weddings with small children, since it may keep them occupied while the grownups celebrate.

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Flower Petals Request that your florist or another vendor place beautiful flower petals in paper bags and present them to your guests after your departure. Flower petals are lovely, charming, and biodegradable by nature. Dried Lavender Some weddings have substituted dried lavender for rice. Give them to the visitors in glassine envelopes, and you’ll get a nice, aromatic shower as you make your way to the car through the tunnel of people.

If you don’t like the aroma of lavender, you may use other herbs and dried flowers instead. Flags or Pennants Distribute pennants, ribbons, streamers, or flags in your wedding colors to your guests so they may wave them as you leave. If you have the funds, you may have the flags printed with inscriptions, monograms, or the date of your wedding, and they will also serve as wedding favors.

  1. Bubbles Due to the fact that they produce a magical effect without requiring cleanup, bubbles are also a popular alternative.
  2. Use a safe, non-toxic bubble solution, and provide many extras for the children.
  3. Contact our event crew at any moment through our website to inquire about or discuss wedding alternatives.

We’re excited to help you create the wedding of your dreams at our.: Alternatives to Confetti and Rice at Weddings page.

Are bubbles a suitable substitute for rice at a wedding?

Bubbles – Bubbles are a wonderful method to do the bride and groom’s recessional without endangering anyone’s vision with grains. Once the air is filled with bubbles, adults tend to revert to their childlike state and become happy. All of these features make bubbles one of the greatest alternatives to rice for wedding confetti.