What Is A Sushi Conveyor Belt?

What Is A Sushi Conveyor Belt
What Is A Sushi Conveyor Belt What is a sushi conveyor belt? Sushi placed on a small plate and rotated on a belt conveyor constitutes “conveyor belt sushi.” When a customer selects sushi from a touch panel, the sushi is transported to their table on a rotating belt conveyor. So, when the selected order passes by, a sound will alert the customer to retrieve their food.

If the order is missed, the object will continue to rotate and return to the same location as it rolls continuously. Sushi and other foods, including desserts, are rolled up to the table, making it enjoyable to grab your favorite dish as it passes. “Conveyor belt sushi” is less expensive than authentic Edomae sushi, but the price is still attractive and reasonable.

The sushi on the conveyor belt can serve a variety of customers, including families with children, single businesspeople, and dating couples. In Tokyo, there are many popular shops lined up like a fierce battleground where you can find delicious conveyor belt sushi that is always crowded.

What is conveyor belt sushi/kaiten sushi?

Where other restaurants have failed, we will assist you in achieving success. There are currently more than 9,000 Japanese/Sushi restaurants in the world, and their steady annual growth has caused the market to become extremely saturated. Due to the increase in competition, a significant portion of these restaurants are forced to close within a few months of opening.

The restaurants that are able to remain open often resort to price increases or provide inferior food and services to stay afloat, resulting in their eventual demise. Our conveyer belt sushi system and services will help you achieve success where other restaurants have failed. Difficulties posed by heightened competition To survive in this competitive industry, you must implement a distinctive service or quality that sets your company apart.

Installing a sushi conveyor belt is a solution to this problem, as customers can enjoy a dining experience that is both affordable and entertaining. Difficulties with Staffing Maintaining a fully trained and staffed restaurant is a challenging and expensive endeavor.

  • The operation of a sushi restaurant with a conveyor belt will require less staff and simple training, saving you time and money so you can focus on the quality of the customer experience.
  • Difficulties with Peak Hours During peak hours, many restaurants experience slow table turnover, resulting in revenue loss.
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The self-service operation at a sushi restaurant with a conveyor belt gives your staff more time to focus on seating the next customer in line.

What is a sushi conveyor?

Where Was Conveyor Belt Sushi Invented? Where did this distinctive method of serving and ordering sushi originate? Conveyor sushi, also known as kaiten-sushi, was invented by Yoshiaki Shiraishi, a restaurant owner. He was inspired by an Asahi factory where he observed beer bottles rotating effortlessly down a conveyor belt.

  • It took him five years to perfect the conveyor belt sushi technique, and the first sushi restaurant opened in 1958.
  • The restaurant was an instantaneous success.
  • After introducing another rotating sushi restaurant at the Osaka World Expo, the popularity of sushi restaurants on conveyor belts increased dramatically.

This type of restaurant eventually expanded internationally. Currently, sushi on a conveyor belt is available in most cities.